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Postby Hacksaw » Wed Jun 15, 2011 01:11 UTC

Just a note! I haven't been playing alot in the past couple of months. cause my health has taken a bad turn. I am having problems with the re-occuring cancer cells in my lower thorat, and I have to have IV of Meds. 4 times a day now. This stuff really blows the phrase of having fun in life:) Sorry I can't stay an frag with the best that is out there anymore. I wish all the best in life and to Be Safe And Well Always. Thanks Dyn for letting me fragg on your server and putting up with me all these years, wish I could have meet ya! Peace to all, I try to keep in touch or frag when I am able :DD Hacksaw(aka FatBastard, Night Rider, Dirty Dingus, etc.:):), Just Craig!
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Re: q3

Postby craij » Wed Jun 15, 2011 18:41 UTC

You'll be back!
Craig v Craij!
Heal quickly.
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Re: q3

Postby VAT » Wed Jun 15, 2011 22:02 UTC

I started playing Q3 on vogon in 2007 and I met [email protected], [email protected]@[email protected], king quake, camper cootie, AG, gumby etc.
and I was sold on them. I was sold on shooting people I didnĀ“t know, but I knew we all were busy with the same intention:
to hit each other. in the meantime I started to hit myself more and more.
your thread Q3 is very heavy with meaning, because this time you have to hit yourself to get healthy again.
your cry for sympathy is public, so you have my sympathy in public too.
see you in more calmly circumstances
love to you
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Re: q3

Postby Apocalypse » Mon Jun 20, 2011 21:23 UTC

we are all with you craig :)
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Re: q3

Postby =RS= » Tue Jun 21, 2011 23:49 UTC

Mate I wish you well, I think your a great guy, funny as hell. Life is so unfair, I know you rock lol. my thoughts are with you :-(
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