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Guys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies -

VOGONHQ (you are here) does not function for FREE.
We rely on donations from our members to pay for the servers and services hosted on those servers so that we can all enjoy them on a daily basis.
It is not a "requirement" of membership that you donate, but any donation you can make is greatly appreciated.


"What is Vogon?"

Vogon hosts game servers, available to ALL! Some servers for certain games run custom mods, like Quake III - you won't find another Q3 server like ours ANYWHERE. We host game servers not only at one location, but depending on donations at several.

"What games do you host?"

Currently we are hosting Quake III (modded) and COD4 - although COD4 and our US Q III server are due to go OFFLINE very shortly due to lack of support. We have hosted other games in the past, and are open to hosting other games again, but for this to happen YOUR support is vital.

"Why should I bother donating if it's not a requirement of membership?"

You can be a member for FREE, you can enjoy the forum (you are here) and any game servers we are hosting, you can get tech support, gain knowledge, blast each other to pieces, maybe even make a friend or two along the way. Forum membership costs nothing, zero, neither does enjoying a frag on our servers - BUT - again, the servers aren't on some distant planet where MONEY isn't a factor, companies aren't really that sympathetic when it comes to the monthly bill.

"Who's here?"

Vogon has a team of dedicated admins committed to ridding the servers of idiots, cheaters, morons and fools.

"What do I get for my money?"

You get to play as much as you want, whenever you want, uninterrupted and hassle free, whatever games or other activities we are hosting - you get to enjoy it all with the assurance of FAIR PLAY and community spirit.

I could (and WILL if necessary) continue this FAQ, any questions you would like answers to, please post them, I will answer and so will our other admins.

A BIG thanks goes out to DYN for creating and maintaining VOGON and another BIG shout out for all the admins and members who have shown their ongoing support for this fantastic site!

BIGGEST FAQ OF ALL - "How do I donate?"

Click the link below ;) PAYPAL - EASY, QUICK, SAFE.
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