So, some Bronze age woman ate an apple?

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So, some Bronze age woman ate an apple?

Postby SD » Tue Nov 22, 2011 20:58 UTC

And because she was ordered not to I have to go to "hell" - to be tortured and tormented forever. I wasn't there, I couldn't stop her. How is this fair?

Let me guess - I should "repent", right?
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Re: So, some Bronze age woman ate an apple?

Postby dyn » Wed Nov 23, 2011 17:00 UTC

It is a Sumerian myth of creation, later copied by Babylonians and Egyptians, and of course "borrowed" from the ancient Egypt by eternally-innocent Hebrews. :-D

Interestingly Sumerians never considered Eve to be bad in any sense, and one of the books which was not included among 66 as the basis for the Bible was also talking about Eve being innocent. It would save a lot of witch-hunts and similar nonsense if they included it.

Now the time has come to start witch-hunting against the clergy, corrupted politicians, money lenders, and those who profit from usury! It is time we dismember them once forever!
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