Cry from the heart (ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk)

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Cry from the heart (ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk)

Postby Fierfaks » Tue May 28, 2013 20:15 UTC

I welcome all! I apologize for transfer. I don't know English. I hope you me you will understand. I play year on your ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk server and it for me became native. Also I can't quietly look at that as cheaters don't allow honest players to play quietly. The autobahn a thing good, but it well works on honest players, and cheaters often doesn't affect. Some clever cheaters аимботы don't gather a difference 30-50 and remain in game. And on on players with other couples so at all doesn't work. I understand administrators too people and they can't be round the clock on the server. So can grant the right to punish cheaters to the constant checked players. If certainly such technical capability is. It is sometimes simple to play not probably.
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Re: Cry from the heart (ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk)

Postby SD » Wed May 29, 2013 10:08 UTC

See this thread and also this thread about autokick and bans.
Locked. If someone else wants to unlock then fine but there are already threads about this issue.
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