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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 23:08 UTC
by CuteSquirrel9
Hi, my name is CuteSquirrel9. I'll try and make this introduction pretty short and sweet as possible.

I've been on the Quake III Vogon servers for the past several years, mostly on that VOGON UK-1 server because of the low ping rate; I dearly miss that server over the past years. D:
I haven't been playing much on those servers recently because of my internet setup; however I am soon going to install better internet equipment in the future.

What I do in my own time?
Well, I do a lot of Quake 3 programming, mostly on the "game" section, with the main goal to make it better and add a lot of custom features to it.
I do some video mash-ups as well if I have the right level of motivation to do it.

Please be nice to me or I might bite you. >:3