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About vogon + New Weapons Mod

Postby Quakepc » Sat Feb 06, 2016 14:41 UTC

I used to host several servers and kept Quake 2 & 3 alive. http://web.archive.org/web/*/quakepc.com I came back to Q3A MP and find the Vogon servers and the Mod to be excellent! Many servers fire weapons slooooow and walking, jumping the same. I HATE that!
The only thing I would change on Vogon is adding some of the Big maps. 2 come to mind but map name can't recall.
I find I used to almost max players that way. Why? Even on Vogon servers players join and run when they get killed fast or find it hard to compete. Big maps gives them a mental edge. Many spots, corners to be fragged from too. :) Like a good chess game of fragging.

I included a link to a Q3A .PK3 Mod I Use and Former Site Members
New Weapon Skins-Gun Sounds-Muzzle Flash Mods (All Really Psychologically Pumping!)
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