WhiteClouds Q3 strategy guide

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WhiteClouds Q3 strategy guide

Postby DEAN SINSTROM » Wed Jan 27, 2010 01:39 UTC

I recently came across this again... it was written by a guy (WhiteCloud) who used to play on the same server as me back in the day. (Burlington FragMart) I even got a shout-out in the 'credits' section, albeit only for making the rather ugly logo for the guide. (I was still an adobe/corel noob back then :P)
I thought some of you might find it an interesting read. There's more than 40 pages of stuff!
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Re: WhiteClouds Q3 strategy guide

Postby dyn » Wed Jan 27, 2010 04:25 UTC

Nice one. We play without items and sneaking around the corners may not be the best strategy with our speed and weapon power, but still it has a lot of useful advices. Frame rates are important, however on FFA it doesn't matter that much.

When Q3 came out i initially had very low FPS -- my system was P166 with 3DFX Voodoo (first one). It ran Quake II well, but in Q3 i couldn't get more than 15 fps. Then i bought P3-450 and TNT2 Ultra -- 80 FPS WOW!! Yes, it made a lot of difference, in speed and picture quality.
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