Archiving Q3 demos

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Archiving Q3 demos

Postby dyn » Sat Jun 26, 2010 21:57 UTC

7 Quake III demos, .dm_68

unpacked 20,735,654 bytes
demos.7z 14,673,744 bytes (Ultra compression)
demos.rar 15,189,437 bytes (Best compression) 16,159,857 bytes (7-zip internal zip) 16,317,563 bytes (Total Commander zip, level 9)

7zip is best, it also produces smaller zip files when used as zip packer.

7-zip -

Demos from some other games compress even better, for example TF2 compressed to 40-50% size, because no encryption is used from demos.
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Re: Archiving Q3 demos

Postby doppio » Sun Jun 27, 2010 04:56 UTC

Im a big fan of 7zip... also nice because where I work the firewall doesnt filter out this extension (yet).... good compression on most files compared to winzip, a few though for video came up larger, but best overall.

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