Question about a Quake 3 Server-Side script

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Question about a Quake 3 Server-Side script

Postby Wishful Thinking! » Sun Jun 12, 2011 15:34 UTC


I host a default q3a server for Australia (as all the servers this side of the world are all mods like cpma/ra3) - I do use a server-side mod and if clients must download it, it is 250kb, you might of herd of it, named 'NoGhost' - my question isn't about it though. I wanted to know if there was a script that players could type in something, for example "!stats" and press enter, that the console would echo the servers stats (frags/statistics) - It might be a little to hard, so what about a script that when someone in the server types a certain word, that it execs a script (.cfg) file on the server which has the stats in it (that owner/admin updates daily/weekly or when ever manually).

I have an administrator program called 'hennimation' which does something alike that, but when someone uses a certain nickname, the server will ask them to change the name, as well as it automatically execs any config file on the server in X seconds which is good for advertising clan wars etc.

If anyone knows of something that might come close to this, give me a buss :)
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Re: Question about a Quake 3 Server-Side script

Postby dyn » Sun Jun 12, 2011 16:18 UTC

I am sure there is something somewhere, but it may not be compatible with existing mods. Quake 3 allows only one mod at time, no plugins, like some modern games.
Check this, seems updated:

Edit: Actually, i see the last post is from "July 28 2010". :-D Files may still be updated now and then.
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