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CTF down

Postby dyn » Thu Mar 21, 2013 22:12 UTC

Copied from PM:
It was on the same host as COD4 DOM and it seems host is down as well as multiple other servers. Company renamed before this happened, they had PayPal issues and it doesn't seem anyone is working towards any solution to this. Some people are ready to file complaints overt his, i got another host but it may not be best for COD4, Q3 can definitely run on it. I got it earlier today and will move CTF to it if nothing is resolved with former host.

I am not filing any complaint against them, because they were always cool, even when servers are attacked, and to top everything -- they resisted PayPal when they wanted them to remove clients which didn't give a fuck about DMCA, and there was NO legal basis for it since servers are in FR, but PayPal closed their account nevertheless. Little corporate bitches they are. Despite this they remained online and a few times i had to use MoneyBookers in order to pay.
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