Quake 3: /connect q3.vogon.win

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Quake 3: /connect q3.vogon.win

Postby dyn » Tue Sep 09, 2014 08:03 UTC

q3.vogon.win now points to the main Q3 server again, so you can use it for connecting.

In Q3 console simply type:
/connect q3.vogon.win

Or launch Q3 with:
quake3.exe +connect q3.vogon.win

You don't need to specify port 27960, because it is the default port for Q3 and our servers always have that port open for connecting. Some server may allow connecting via other ports, HQ-1 for example uses port 10000, so you can connect to it directly with:
/connect q3.vogon.win:10000
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