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Idea to Promote Quake 3 Arena + Forum

Postby Quakepc » Mon Feb 08, 2016 15:47 UTC

I used to be a big time political promoter. I've used online resources with limited success. I know we try to get potential quakers to join our ranks, correct? We don't get the traffic we want. I used free Public Access TV. They played our Quake 2 2013 Show weekly in 2 time slots for a month.
Nearly every city in my state of Connecticut seen it & response was record breaking!

It's 100% Free to use PATV Find your local PATV here

I went from 20-30 hits every other day to around 150-200+ hits on our former Quakepc site. Membership,Players Spiked High!

Tips: I Used the Year of Promotion to peek interest "QUAKE 3 Arena 2016" (example) Showed our Easy Link during whole video.
I used cool skins & mods [in our narrated Demo] to bait even former seasoned Quakers. :smilina: 57 Minutes Worth!
I listed all servers, installers, info on website to greet new comers.

According to Yahoo Answers as well as other resources. Most think Q1-2 and 3 is dead AND don't work on XP,7-10.
I was sure to point out this is far from true in video + site.

*We included the point release and version switch. *No CD Crack (I HATE that "feature" CD must be in)* on site.

Anyways- it's up to others who read this to do this in your state while confiding with the Vogon owner or do nothing at all. :pssst:

Just figured I'd pass this along.
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