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Car Repair.

Postby Dambastrd » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:29 UTC

A Kansas farm wife called the local phone company to report her telephone failed to ring when her friends called - and that on the few occasions, when it did ring, her dog always moaned right before the phone rang.

The above quote was taken from Ms Poddy's "Phone repair" post, which reminded me of a similar story.

A woman calls her car mechanic and tells him that her car doesnt like pistachio ice cream
Of course the mechanic thinks to himself that she must be a loony tune but tells her that cars dont work like that and couldnt care less what kind of ice cream she had. So he jokingly responded to stop feeding her car pistachio ice cream.

She said that she was serious, her car runs on gas, and repeats that her car wont start after she buys pistachio ice cream. The mechanic trys to imagine what she is talking about but just finds a way to end the conversation thinking that either her problem will go away or its just a prank call.

A week later the woman calls back with the same story. Her car doesnt like pistachio ice cream. If she buys vanillia or chocolate it works fine but every time she buys pistachio it wont run. Trying to get rid of this nut he tells her, Ok. Bring yuour car in and I will see what I can do, thinking that nobody will come and he would have gotten rid of this annoyance. He is shocked when a woman pulls up into his workshop.

I spoke to you over the phone about my car, it doesnt like pistachio ice cream. Well, since she is there he gives the car the once over. Drives it around the block. Stops. Turns off the ignition. Restarts and finds nothing wrong. Does this a few times and the car starts everytime. There isnt a problem with your car. He holds back saying that there is a problem with her and she needs her head checked, and gives the car back to her. She drives off.

A week later, she comes back with the same problem. My car still doesnt like pistachio Ice cream. She is insistant and seeing that she will not goe away he agrees to see what she is talking about and to, yep buy some ice cream.

They get to the Ice Cream shoppe and buys vanillia. Car starts fine. Goes around the block and goes back and buys chocolate. Car starts fine. Buys pistachio.

Believe it or not, the damn car doesnt start. Whaaat! No way, and for a moment he thinks to himself, maybe her car really doesnt like pistachio ice cream. The mechanic, though, thought about what he had seen and figured out what had happened.

The ice cream shoppe was the kind of shoppe that had 31 and more flavors. The more common ones Vanilla, Chocolate and others were prepackaged and took little time to serve to a customer because all they had to do was grab one and ring the sale up.

On the other hand, pistachio was a bulk flavor that the clerk had to stop what they were doing and manually scoop the requested flavor into the requested serving size and this took much more time to give to the customer.

During all of this extra time the car developed vapor lock and would not start.

So as crazy as the woman may have sounded, her perspective was correct, her car "Did not like Pistachio Ice Cream".

True story. Believe it or not
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Re: Car Repair.

Postby IriDeck » Wed Jun 18, 2008 14:17 UTC

Haha! That's great, DB! Thanks!

More info on vapour lock here:
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