COD4 server with 128MB RAM, just for fun!

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COD4 server with 128MB RAM, just for fun!

Postby dyn » Tue Aug 24, 2010 19:21 UTC

OK, this is crazy and may be extremely unstable, since COD4 dedicated requires around 330 MB to run properly. This server is running only with 128MB RAM! But that's not all, it has all the system files + COD4 in just 128MB, do you understand now how crazy this is?? I only wanted to see if this is indeed possible, and after some optimization i succeeded. :king:

iw3mp.exe +connect

Join and try to play, server may go offline soon, coz that micro setup is not really suited for COD4.
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Re: COD4 server with 128MB RAM, just for fun!

Postby Tripredacus » Tue Aug 24, 2010 22:18 UTC

I think the most clients I ever got with 128MB RAM was 8, but that was for Quake 3 and not dedicated.
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