bann classickillr

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bann classickillr

Postby migs » Wed Jul 27, 2011 03:45 UTC

some one please bann "classickillr" he's a walking aimbot. bann, he sucks. makin the team lose
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Re: bann classickillr

Postby QueenKimmy » Wed Jul 27, 2011 16:41 UTC

migs wrote: bann, he sucks. makin the team lose

players do not get banned just because their skill level is not what you think it should be.
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Re: bann classickillr

Postby Apocalypse » Wed Jul 27, 2011 18:15 UTC

migs wrote:some one please bann "classickillr" he's a walking aimbot. bann, he sucks. makin the team lose

Are you serious Migs? After the trouble you tried to start before with lies, no one is going to beleive you about anyone hacking anyway. You complain about the server constantly. Whenever their is an airstrike you type LAG... well moron your ping is 115 and server is i7 Quad with gigibyte line. which means one thing, your computer is slow. You badmouth our admins.
If i were you i would shut my mouth and just play.
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Re: bann classickillr

Postby MinusPlusDelta » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:11 UTC

Hello there,

i hope its okay that i use this topic, didnt wanna open a new one extra for this.

Im new on your server and since yesterday, im not able to connect on any of your 3 cod4 server.

so im just wondering, if im banned or something. neither connecting through xfire, console or favorites works.

always getting a timeout message. but if i look for example on here , the server is online.

anyways i was just wondering if anyone could please explain to me what is going on.

thanks in advance.


so yeah dyn i was autobanned again after the second round playing :no:

that just sucks lol playing for like 15 min. after u have unbanned me being banned again.

what should i do?

best regards MinusPlusDelta
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Re: bann classickillr

Postby SD » Thu Aug 11, 2011 14:07 UTC

MinusPlusDelta wrote:

what should i do?

Make a donation of no less than $1M.
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Re: bann classickillr

Postby chaos252 » Fri Aug 12, 2011 18:13 UTC

if the autoban works like i think it does why not just be aware of your kill/death ratio? if you see youre getting close to an autoban just sit for a bit and get killed. why dont people just do this instead of coming here and asking to be unbanned?

if your ratio is that good 30 seconds of running at gunfire shouldnt effect the outcome of the game.
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