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Hello and help!!

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2013 09:42 UTC
by HDM-ElFunko
Hello, friends!!!

First of all, congrats for your server!!!

(apologies for my poor English if I make any mistake in the post...)

Yesterday, i was talking with some admins asking them for your server config... They tried to help me and told me that the server config of ARES FFA CHAOS CRK is property of vogon and it´s a unique config. Well, i understand this but i need some help...

I love your server and I would like to create one like that in my clan server (HDM-ELITE SPAIN). I have a very simple config with no values ​​in it. I would like my new server was like your FFA Chaos.

If you can not help me, thanks for everything and for your little help yesterday.

P. D. My clan is centered on BTFplay4free, if you want to play or share ideas in our forum, you are welcome.

HDM-ElFunko, Lieutenant General of HDM Elite Clan.