Additional bonus on ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk.

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Additional bonus on ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk.

Postby Fierfaks » Fri Jun 14, 2013 14:20 UTC

When the CoD4 TDM server didn't work, I had to look for other place for game. I didn't find the best server than ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk. But having come on the server [massive space unicorns from space] of CRK lemon and lime with a dash of soda Full2 saw there an additional bonus in game. It is Ac 130 blow for 15 murders and there players can't block passes. If there is a technical capability of the server, it would be desirable and to see it on TDM. Yours faithfully Fierfaks.
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Re: Additional bonus on ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk.

Postby NIko_bellic » Fri Jun 14, 2013 14:54 UTC

Indeed, on some servers is not possible to lock the doors or windows, because the texture of players simply pass through each other, and as there is no possibility of switching for killing team mates grenades, because it passes a couple of seconds, before you can go to another team.
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