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No Connection to Server

Postby Ivanlee85 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 02:12 UTC

Hi i have had an issue when playing ARES TDM ANARCHY Crk, and yesterday when i was on overgrown i was doing bad, getting a 34-56, then on Pipeline, i went on a ham and destroyed the kids on the enemy team, getting quad kills with airstrikes and rushing their face and killing them, then all of a sudden BOOM ! I am disconnected/ banned from the server since there is a 30 point difference between me and my teammates, and i cant get on even now, it just says, awaiting connection 1,2,3.....11 , server connection timed out, i didnt hack or anything and now i am banned, the worst was, the next map rotation was freaking SHIPMENT, i have played for 2 hours waiting for that map and BOOM i was BANNED, and i dont even know when i can get unbanned from that server so i can play again, admin PLZ unban me and let me play again, that would be greatly appreciated, doing good on an easy server doesnt always means that i am hacking, maybe raise the indifference from 30 to like 90-100 for example, then that would be more of a likely hacker issue, plz read this and unban me . My Profile name is JacksonIvan in COD 4, if u need further details plz reply, thanks!

PS : ASAP reply
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Re: No Connection to Server

Postby fallout » Thu Oct 08, 2015 13:21 UTC

The AutoKick usually lasts between 24 - 48 hours. If you still experience problems,
please reply to this post. From there, we'll look into it. Be patient.

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