banned for no reason

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banned for no reason

Postby Chammy » Sun Apr 29, 2018 15:28 UTC

hey its me [Ninja]Chammy, i got banned for no reason 2 times in a row, and interesting fact is that there are no admin online and i dont reach kill limit when got banned......
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Re: banned for no reason

Postby Fierfaks » Mon Apr 30, 2018 13:55 UTC

Почему ты думаешь, что это бан ?
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Re: banned for no reason

Postby fallout » Mon Apr 30, 2018 16:06 UTC

Chammy Chammy Chammy

Fierfaks wrote:Почему ты думаешь, что это бан

Translation - "Why do you feel its a ban"

My answer:

You weren't banned by any Admin. What happened was, yesterday, we experienced glitches with our TDM server.
It happened on more than 2 occations. It disconnected everyone and when you(they) tried to connect, it was offline.
And now I see your back. Which proves you weren't banned. If you were, you would have been gone for almost 3
days. Welcome back. =)

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Re: banned for no reason

Postby dyn » Tue May 01, 2018 21:52 UTC

That stuff was addressed, but it required 3 reboots. One was really necessary, to fix the issue (auto-update was stuck), two more to make sure everything is fixed properly. This was over 15 minutes span or so. Usually any hard reboot should take less than 1 min, while game server restarts, like you see each Friday, are done in seconds.
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