About the FFA matches today.

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About the FFA matches today.

Postby FamilyTeam » Sun Sep 22, 2019 22:56 UTC

Although it wasn't my fault, still, I feel like I must apologise for the ruckus that occurred in the server today due to the hack allegations that were thrown my way.
There was a player calling out most players in the server as hackers (being quite rude while doing so) and was particularly fixated on me throughout the day. I must thank the admin sc.Toxic|A for being understanding after the suspicion arose.
Just to show what I was trying to say during the server, I can control the recoil of the MP44 decently well. I did some wall tests here and here as an example. The recoil of the gun is really inconsistent, so, admittedly, sometimes the gun is easy to manage, sometimes not as much.
It is a shame to see the server go. I am afraid I cannot donate at the moment. I was trying to get someone close to me into the game so it's unfortunate the server will not be around anymore for us to play FFA. Best of luck to all of you and thank you for the experience, apologising once again.
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